Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alas, it’s true…I’ve let the Twitter dust and blog gossip settle for a few days and it seems that the solid facts have presented themselves…Steven Tyler has left Aerosmith. The why and the wherefore are irrelevant considering the Bad Boys from Boston have been nothing more than a well-oiled, solid-rockin’ corporate machine for the better part of two decades now. And yet because at one time they rocked the face off the planet, and because S-Tyler is such an enigmatic front man, it needs to be noted that this is the end of a rock era…or so one would think. Apparently Joe Perry and the other three Bad Boys are gonna carry on without ol’ Steven at the helm. The question is…who to replace him? I mean this isn’t INXS trying to make a comeback and be a real band again ten years after their supposed death, or Queen tacking on Paul Rodgers for a bit of classic rock nostalgia, or Journey recruiting some look alike/sound alike guy named Steve to replace Steve Perry and do a bunch of greatest hits tours, or even Van Halen essentially recreating themselves between DLR and Sammy Hagar. This is Aerosmith purportedly pretending to be Aerosmith as if the public (and these guys have been so huge for so long I mean THE public) isn’t going to realize that the elf’s daddy isn’t up there sucking up the first six rows with those massive lips (see Exhibit A).

And ok, fine, I can live with that.

Exhibit A

So…who to replace him? Sure, there are dozens, nay hundreds, of guys (and gals…wouldn’t that be awesome) who can hold up the vocal parts and even do a little of the mic stand molestation. But in my opinion, which is both valid and worthless, it doesn’t need to be an unknown or even a partially known (to say music geeks). It would need to be somebody equally or almost as recognizable as Steven himself, able to carry the band instead of being supported by them, to capture the true spirit of Aerosmith and yet not mimic, making each song their own. Basically, it needs to be a gimmick. Someone like Sammy Hagar pretty much fits that bill, but I don’t know that he would do it. I mean I don’t really know Sammy, dig? I just drink his tequila and share his belief that Eddie Van Halen is a douche (ok, only one of those is true).


So the question is, who? I’d like to hear from you people. Tell me who you think it should/could be. Ridiculous answers are of course welcome.

And for fun, I asked a few of my friends their opinion of the break up:

  • Brian: Aerosmith is still together?
  • Paul: Is that happening?
  • Bill: Stupid. I think he's off the wagon again. The band can't tour w/o him. That would be terrible.
  • Effrin: Whoa, I didn’t know he was doing that.
  • Bob: Death to Aerosmith, finally?

Also, here are a few of my favorite Aerosmith songs from back when they truly rocked, thus making this post at least somewhat legit.

Kings and Queens
Toys in the Attic (live)
Mama Kin (live)
Last Child
Angel (This one doesn't necessarily rock, but it doesn't necessarily suck either, and has a special place in my heart.)

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