Monday, February 22, 2010

Pieces of the Mac

There have been many faces to Fleetwood Mac over the years, from their early days of heavy blues helmed by guitar mystic Peter Green, through a myriad of line up changes (always on guitar and/or vocals) and styles touching on 50s, country, boogie-woogie and the radio friendly, multi-platinum era your mom loves fronted by Buckingham-Nicks. They truly began their way to that international success in the early 70s with guitarist Bob Welch, all but forgotten in the grand scheme of Fleetwood Mac, who held the band together through some extremely difficult times and first steered them towards the sound that millions would love just a few years later. Of the five albums he made with the group, the absolute best is Bare Trees, and the sparkling centerpiece of that woefully overlooked classic is the Welch-penned Sentimental Lady. Five years later Welch would have a solo hit with a re-recording of this song, but the take done by the F-Mac is far superior, keeping in tone with the sparse (i.e. “bare”) and gorgeously delicate feel of the entire album. If you’ve got a soft spot in your heart at all, this ditty will find it.

Not as cute as Lindsey (or Stevie).

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