Monday, March 15, 2010

Bands I Should Have Been In… Volume 1

One of the first to crest the retro (new) wave of the early 00s, Interpol borrowed heavily (and obviously) from many post punk superstars like Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen and The Chamelons (the latter of which is just flat out awesome ‘cos those boys get no respect). Heavy without being harsh, deep without being bassy, their melodic, two-guitar attack and crypto-emotive vocals hit a mainer that shot straight to my heart and made me lament the fact that I couldn’t find three more like-minded individuals to form a group with (though granted I didn’t look very hard). Their debut, Turn On the Bright Lights, spun my CD player so many times I could just show the volume knob the case and the speakers would automatically start up the opening track without me inserting the disc. Had I the alibi and wherewithal, I’d have mickied the bassist during their second show, dumped him behind the drum risers and slipped into his position without missing a note. Say hello to the angels indeed, bucko!

Your days were numbered, buddy...

Obstacle 1

Say Hello to the Angels


A Time to Be Small

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Karla said...

I love this band. You really should have been in Interpol.