Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Brief

Robert Plant’s choice to cover not one but two of my favorite Low songs (Silver Rider and Monkey) from one of my favorite Low albums on his latest stint with Band of Joy, might be one of the coolest things to happen in quite awhile. Talk about the old school nodding to the new school. Plant approaches these two brooding beauties with a sense of reverence that you would think should normally run in the opposite direction, and just shows the man’s respect for a well-written song. His takes are admittedly similar to the originals, but to me he propels both to the next level with the idea that no matter how simple a song’s theme or structure may be, it can be built upon and maintained no matter how grand or scaled back.

I’ve yet to listen to the rest of the album, but if he handles those songs with half as much care as these two, it’ll be yet another worthwhile addition to his catalog.

Check it all out here.

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