Friday, October 21, 2011

Revised Early Thoughts

So, we’ve all heard about this Lou Reed/Metallica thing, right? I’ve chatted with lots of folks about this one, some decidedly bigger fans of one over the other, some indifferent to both, others rather fond of both, and yet all scratching their heads about as much as everyone seems to be outside of the five participants themselves, who claim it’s the best work they’ve ever produced (ok, Lou says since VU, he’s not that senile).

A more unlikely pairing of artists there is not, and while I can certainly see Metallica giving a nod to Lou, the reverse seems less likely…but obviously, what do I know? I mean seriously, on paper this does not work at all, and so my initial thoughts were that this was going to be the biggest bomb since the Hindenburg met flame (too soon?), or would be a surprise hit sleeper that was the greatest, most unlikely winner since I got my chocolate in your peanut butter, and you got your peanut butter in my chocolate.

Actually, that’s a no brainer…but how about since my dad once made scrambled eggs with clam chowder. It wasn’t bad at all. I’m never gonna eat it again, but it wasn’t terrible.

Ok, way off topic there…

So, a few weeks ago the first 30 second or so snippet came out and we all grappled for the play icon (the curious, the hopeful, the bored at work)…and we were all so underwhelmed that we couldn’t even make fun of it. The music was subpar by even the worst metal standards and Reed’s way too up front vocals just sounded like the incoherent ramblings of an ex heroine addict (and at least half of that last statement is solid truth).

And then today I got the full version of that song, The View, and because it’s Lou Reed, and in spite of the fact that it’s Metallica (who in my opinion lost everything under the bus with Cliff), I decided to give it a full and honest listen. I did twice. And I blew it off twice. But honestly, I didn’t.

Earlier this evening I tweeted that this song was growing on me, and later on was emailing my good pal MSP in response to his similar feelings to my realization. I thought I’d share that with you as well:

i was playing the lou-tallica song for karla (she's not overly familiar with either artist, but i was trying to "explain" it to her), and when playing it in the car it just sorta clicked with me. i mean when i first heard that one snippet i thought "ok, this is a red herring, they're just teasing us and the real deal will be something else." i mean seriously, that riff is what high school kids play over and over in their first garage band. if i could paint it white and stencil "metal riff" in black, block font, i would. but lou's delivery is, if nothing else, full of conviction, like he's believing it, behind it, inspired by it, etc, and when he starts yelling at the end, i think it really pulls it together. (i mean, has he ever yelled like that before?) so i got to thinking, this is a concept album, which in theory are supposed to flow and be cohesive as one unit, so to just pluck a song out of context so to speak, it's like a fish wriggling out of the can see it's colors and contours, but not in the right environment. so i'm officially intrigued by this album, unofficially looking forward to it and secretly hoping to champion it.

So, there you have it… And with the release just over a week away, I’m telling you right now that I’m not poised at the starting line to run out and buy it, but when given the chance, I will certainly listen to it with honest, open ears and maybe, just maybe…well, you know.

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I'm with you on this one. That early snippet of one of their songs truly stunk. Eager to hear the full version of the song you're talking about here. What's the name of that song?