Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Like Halloween Time...Part 4

One of those iconic bands that I know more of than know, the Mekons have been around for well over three decades and have touched upon and created seminal albums for several genres ranging from punk to post punk to straight up alternative and even tapped the country vein a bit. Attempts for me to fully “get it” have thus far failed, which doesn’t mean I don’t recognize their worth but that I’m still too thick in the ears to understand their brilliance. Having said that, I am capable of honing in on a flat out great song when I hear it and today’s Halloween themed entry is Ghosts of American Astronauts from 1988’s So Good It Hurts.

Truth be told this slice of dreamy pop is more political than supernatural in theme, but there is an ethereal beauty in this song that certainly conjures up spirits of one kind or another, and the video, an understated performance in washed lavenders, is the perfect visual companion piece.


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