Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Like Halloween Time...Part 8

Slightly derailed by a 24-hour bug deal, we are back with more Misfits action. This time it's a live take on one of their signature numbers, Horror Business. This is definitely the version from Evilive and though the footage is lined up almost perfectly, I'm about 100% certain it's not the same show. Regardless, it's awesome to see the boys in action and the threat between the first and second verse is one of my favorite Misfits moments. Also, around the 2:00 mark, it's worth seeing the roadie (I guess) pick a fan up over his head and toss him into the crowd.

Per usual I'm not sure what all Danzig is talking about here - perhaps a serial killer at large, or just wilding to the extreme - but I do know that you do NOT go into the bathroom with him.


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