Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not music related...

Remember how I plugged myself the other day? Yeah, I hated that too. What I don't hate is plugging someone else. In this case it's our good pal JT, who has recently started up a history blog, Visiting the Tennessee Governors (and Other Adventures).

LinkThere you'll read about his exploits paying respects the graves of all 50 (dead) governors of Tennessee (which isn't nearly as easy as it sounds, but definitely ten times as fun) as well as other outings to presidents' graves, Civil War battlefields and other such things. Since I'm a history dork on top of being a music geek, I'm bound to pop up from time to time, so go check it out and become a friend and a follower.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm a friend of Josh's, via the FB president's gravesite page. His new governors blog led me to yours, which looks very cool! I'll be checking it out (I'll be "RichW217" on Twitter).


William said...

Welcome, Rich...and thanks!!