Friday, August 5, 2011

Shame, shame, shame...

I sorta hate this sort of plug, but my wife suggested I create a Twitter account, so I have. She'll help me with how to code a link from here later (I can barely do this blog, so that type of coding is not happening), but for now you can do a search for gwilt73 and join my legions (lesions) of followers.

Some of you folks whom I know personally I've already started following in hopes of a follow back, but apparently there have been issues with the notifications, so if you're interested, just look me up. And if not that's cool, you're just dead to me. I'm kidding (sorta).

I'll mainly be tweeting my latest posts, but also hope to do an album of the day and maybe a couple of other things, but I promise not to overload your feed with stuff...that's what my personal Twitter account is for. Right, Paul? Paul?

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