Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two for Tuesday

Hello! Another Two for Tuesday is upon us. Look at me, almost on a roll here.

This go around we’ve got two from Old 97s, featuring lead vocals from their bassist and uber harmonist, Murry Hammond. As I’ve said in more than one album review of the Old 97s, Murry’s one or two songs per outing are often the tastiest and most haunting moments in any given set. If Rhett is the fast pumping, romantic heart of the band, Murry is easily the laid back old soul, lost in the wistful whiles of remember when…

My first selection is from their breakthrough period, the veritable Valentine (Fight Songs - 1999), always an eager fan favorite; and then Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue (Blame It On Gravity – 2008), a heart sick ballad that nearly blows the roof off a fantastic album by simply sitting back and delivering a mournful croon.

And if you dig what you’re hearing, you should check out Murry’s solo effort, I Don’t Know Where I’m Going but I’m On My Way.

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