Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two for Tuesday

So, a couple of weeks ago Michael Nesmith, of Monkees fame, kicked off his fist solo tour in more than 20 years. Bill, my buddy in TN, was able to catch the show up his way and from the reviews I read and the clips he sent me (on the sly), it was really a fantastic event.

While vicariously prepping for that show through Bill (and since), I’ve been listening to a lot of Papa Nes over the past few weeks. He is truly a gifted artist, well grounded in his roots and influences, and yet always seeking inspiration on the coming horizon. And though it’s been awhile since his last release (Rays, 2006), I hope as he pushes into his 70s that he brings us more of his unique voice and vision.

And if he doesn’t, there are still loads of great tunes to fall back on from the past 40+ years. Here are a couple of my favorites…Joanne and Twilight on the Trail.

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