Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two for Tuesday

The Strokes are one of those bands that are sort of a guilty pleasure for me. Most of that is because while they appear(ed) to be the latest and greatest of the dregged out NYC punk scene 10+ years ago, they were really prep school boys, the sons of well-established industry just putting on a show. But the redeeming factor here is that their tunes are pretty dang great.

A big part of their sound, and what helps makes them so catchy, are the leads provided by guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., especially early on. In addition to his time with the Strokes, he also has a couple of solo albums that are pretty tasty. To celebrate his 32 birthday (really, that’s all…geesh…), here are a couple of personal standouts – the very Strokes-ish In Transit (complete with a pretty lame fan-made video) and the little bit less so, The Boss Americana

Let your hipster side shake a groove today. 

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