Wednesday, December 22, 2010

XXXmas Cheer - Part 8

1985’s I Don’t Want to Grow Up saw the Descendents (ironically or not) maturing a bit, especially on side 2 of the album where all out silliness and hollow angst were toned down for a modest, if sometimes lighthearted, sincerity that brought extra weight and edge to these catchy power tunes. One of the highlights is Christmas Vacation, a frustrated, regretful, post-circumstances ode to a friend or lover who takes “a vacation into oblivion” from the depression in their life with excessive partying, presumably around the Holidays, disillusioning the singer and ending the relationship.

Though certainly not one of the most festive ditties to post for this continued theme, it’s a great song nonetheless and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this two and a half minutes of West Coast pop punk all the same.

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